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Mechanic checking brakes for wear

Need help with your Brakes?

Your vehicle's braking system is of paramount importance! By not being able to stop or slow down immediately when it is most needed, you're putting yourself and others at risk when you drive. It is important to check your brakes regularly and at the Tread Shed our experts can check all components of your braking system.


Brake System Replacements/Repairs

  • Brake pads, discs, shoes and drums

  • Brake calipers

  • Brake pipes

  • Brake fluid

  • Handbrake cables

Signs of brake wear

Its not always obvious that you may have a problem with your braking system however if you encounter any of these symptoms please contact us today:


  • soft or spongy feeling when pressing on the brake pedal

  • squeeling or scraping noise coming from the brakes

  • juddering feeling in the steering wheel when braking

  • vehicle pulling to one side when braking


If you experience any of these contact the Tread Shed today!








Are your brakes damaged or worn? Bring your car to us in Coleraine today or contact us on


028 7032 8919

Brake pads being checked New brakes